Tips to help your child be successful on the upcoming PEAKS Assessment

1.Prioritize Attendance

The purpose of tests is to measure how well students have learned the material taught in class. Your child’s presence is vital!

2.Talk to your child about test-taking

Have open, ongoing conversations with your child about how testing helps teachers understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses so the teachers can figure out the most effective ways to teach.

3.Offer Positive Reinforcement

Encouragement can go a long way in helping students walk into testing days feeling confident.

4.Support healthy habits

Sleep and nutrition can have a significant impacton your child’s ability to focus.Have a scheduled bedtime each night. Encourage your child to stay hydrated and eat healthily.

5.Keep Testing in Perspective

No ONE test is important enough to place undue stress on your child. Keep it positive.

6.Debrief after Testing

Talk to your child each day after testing because it can help your child process the experience and overcome any anxiety he or she may have had.