Suggested Resources from Ms. Lori 3/23/2020:


  1. Scholastic Learn at Home - This is an Amazing free resource offered by Scholastic especially to help with all of the school closures. It has activities sorted in age levels and includes books, videos, educational games, and further links to enhance study. I mean, “wow!” Scholastic has developed 20 days of these activities. On their website, I found other useful resources such as , “5 Minute Science Explorations,” also sorted by age level.

  2. Our public librarians also brought to my attention a resource from Boy Scouts. If you Google the following, you will have a huge supply of fun and practical and Useful ideas to enrich, “at -home” family  time. Look for : 30 Day - Tiger, or Lion, or Wolf or Bear or Webelo - Challenge where you will find calendars with activities ranging from :” Make and Practice a Family Fire Escape Plan,” to “Write Thank you Letters to our Local Nurses,” to,” Learn to Crop and Edit Pictures on the Cell Phone. “  While you need a computer to access these ideas, the bonus is that most of these are Unplugged activities to help balance screen time. 

  3. I discovered a link to a March 18 Covid 19 presentation for families hosted by actor Will Smith and his family called, The Red Table Talk. It’s a video of the Smiths having a family table discussion about Covid 19, including a guest expert on infectious disease, Dr. Michael Osterholm. As I said, this issue makes us all anxious. This particular resource would be good for family members aged teen and up. As a family, the Smiths ask a lot of common and practical questions about the virus, and Dr. Osterholm gives answers in language that is easy to grasp.