Updated HTE Traffic Flow Guidelines - NO PARKING/STOPPING in the LEFT LANE before 2:30pm. We need that lane OPEN for vehicle pass through.

Good Evening Families of Houghtaling Scholars,

As we return to school and re-establish school routines, I wanted to take a moment to notify families of a change to our traffic procedures and remind everyone of the existing pedestrian safety plans we have in place.

Moving forward, I ask that families no longer drive on the access roads at the rear of Houghtaling to drop off and pick up students.

A major goal of our traffic flow pattern is to eliminate the reversing of vehicles in areas where children may be walking. Our younger students can be difficult to spot when backing up and do not always move predictably, which increases the risk. Not driving on the access road eliminates one of the few areas this could still potentially occur.

See the diagram below for the vehicle flow map. If using the pull-through lane, in the morning please only stop your vehicle in the right-hand lane to allow others to depart after a drop-off. In the afternoon, please wait in your vehicle in the right lane if early. This will allow students being picked up for appointments to avoid having the vehicle trapped. After 2:30, continue lining up in both lanes as you await students. Our pick-up line runs efficiently and the line is cleared within five minutes of student release. This is very quickly compared to elementary schools in some other communities!

At times, Houghtaling staff will be present in orange vests. Please comply with their instructions if directed to move your vehicle.

Student arrival begins at 8:40. Do not drop off your children before this time as our facility is closed to students until that time.

Your compliance with our procedures will make the school a safer place for our students, and I appreciate your willingness to do your part.

To Your Child’s Success!

Michael Cron Principal

Traffic Flow Diagram