Updated Information from Mr Cron

Hello Houghtaling Dolphins!

Good Evening Houghtaling Dolphin Families!

I am pleased to announce to our Houghtaling Dolphin families that we have brought in Meredith Lundamo for the position of Dean of Students. This position will replace the Assistant Principal position for this year. All of us on the hiring committee, including the PTA representative, are excited at the chance to have her in a leadership position. Welcome, Meredith!


Meredith's a proven leader having served with distinction as President of Ketchikan Education Association for three years. She is great with students. Many Houghtaling families agree, having seen her excellent teaching at Houghtaling for the last 13 years. And, she gives us the continuity in our building that is important in any year (but especially this year). 

This of course means that we will be filling Meredith’s classroom position. We are actively searching for candidates and are lucky enough to have excellent options available. Families affected will be notified once a selection has been made.


Finally, we are hard at work on our Smart Start plans for the school year and look forward to sharing it with families upon completion. If there are questions you would like answered or issues addressed, our PTA is gathering parent input through Facebook to ensure nothing is overlooked in the preparation of an FAQ. If your question is pressing, you can of course also email myself or call the Houghtaling Office. Information on plans will be sent out in different ways, one of which will be online Parent Informational Meetings. Our meetings will be held Tuesday, September 1st and Thursday, September 3rd, both at 6:00pm. We will send out Zoom links and reminders as the dates approach.


We are looking forward to seeing our students in person again! Students will attend orientation on their assigned day the week of September 8th. Families will be notified of their assigned day upon the completion of our Smart Start Plan. Regular school begins for all students on Monday, September 14th. 


To your child’s success!

Michael Cron