Classrooms for 2020-2021 School Year

dolphin teaching Classroom Teachers 20-21 School Year

Preschool:   Traci Garner, Miranda Gee, and Tory Schulz, 

Kindergarten:    Holly Filyaw, Krista Kegl, and Kathleen Varela

1st Grade:   Felicia Hill, Karen Manabat, and Becca Sampson

2nd Grade:   Kristy Hamilton and Kathy Smith

3rd Grade:    Colleen Smith and Ryan Varela

4th Grade:    Starla Agoney, Chrystina Jacobson, and Jennifer Simpson

5th Grade:    Sharon Carson and Becca Doyle

6th Grade:    Laura Kinunen, Meredith Lundamo and Debbie Merle

Letters from teachers for the 20-21 school year will be mailed out to families in June.