OMSI - Oregon Museum and Science Institute ciming to HOUGHTALING

How excited are we? VERY EXCITED!

OMSI ~ Oregon Museum Science Institute is coming to Houghtaling!

Thanks to our Houghtaling PTA who has funded the trip and event, represetatives from OMSI are heading to Ketchikan next week with a portable planetarium! It is a portable museum quality planetarium that will bring the night sky inside with live presentations, hands on experiences, and films. Students will get to engage in hands on activity where students learn about things like the rotation of the earth, its orbit around the sun, constellations, gravity, phases of the moon, and so much more.

Each grade level will get to have individual times with OMSI between Monday, January 27 and Thursday, January 30

There will be an Evening Family Event on Wednesday, January 29th from 5:30pm-7:30pm with the Portable Planetarium. It will be a first come first serve type of event where as you sign in you will get a ticket and 30 people at a time will get to engage in the 30 minute show. There will be other informational kiosks available during this time as well.