Message From Our Principal

Dolphions Houghtaling Dolphin Families,
The Superintendent elected not to renew my administrative contract, so I am being forced transferred to teach English at Schoenbar. It is with a heavy heart that I express my blessing to have led our Houghtaling Dolphin Family these past three years. I hope the motto of leading by example- Respect, Professionalism, Communication, was reflected in my leadership each day. My words and actions were to always put students first. Making the jump to Administration is challenging far beyond what one gets in a degree program, during an internship, or as you wait on the sidelines post degree. Thank you for helping me continue to learn the perils of this side of administration. We will finish this school year strong and positive, celebrating the successes of our students. I will continue to embrace our students, knowing we make a smile and warm greeting at a time. May you and your family and friends make great memories this summer!
Sheila Klosterman