Visiting the School

We encourage parents to visit school during the day, but also remind you that teachers are

Communication is important - please notify teachers via email or class dojo (if your specific teacher uses this) to notify when you might come in so as to not interrupt lessons.

SAFETY is top priority! EACH TIME you step foot on campus we NEED you to come directly to the office, sign in and obtain a VISITOR STICKER, then proceed to your area of choosing. This includes the playground. If you do not have a visitor sticker on, you will be stopped and asked to come to the office and sign in. 

Houghtaling Elementary is advancing in communication with information going out in numerous ways. We have our Houghtaling website we work very hard to keep up to date, we have SchoolMessenger that is sent out via email and text, and some classes use class dojo. Please do your best to stay active and on top of checking for information coming home.

At any time, if you have questions,feel free to reach out to your child's teacher and/or the office and we look forward to working TOGETHER on behalf of the education of your child.