Ketchikan Afterschool Program 2021

Ketchikan Afterschool Program

20 Scholarships Available

Camp Dates: June 7th - August 20th

Monday-Friday, 1 pm-5 pm (special field trips excepted)

Scholarship Covers 100% of Costs for Youth

Now Accepting Scholarship Applications for Youth who will be in Grades 6-8 in Fall 21-22 School Year.


Island-wide indoor-outdoor day camp based out of the Plaza Mall, featuring various workshops with a strong focus on both the arts and outdoor education.

Scholarship Includes 3 Baranoff Fishing Day Trip Excursions.

Last summer's activities included: Kayaking, Fishing, Drama, Watercolor, Music Lessons, Tabletop Gaming, Healthy Lifestyles Education, STEM activities, Outdoor education and survival, cooking, fish smoking, fitness/boxing activities, and sports/outdoor rec. games.

Scholarship and Pre-Registration Application