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Parents, Staff, and Community Members June 12th

KGBSD WEEKLY UPDATE for Friday June 12, 2020



The circumstances of the recently announced positive cases in Ketchikan are being evaluated to determine how this impacts the risk level.


Smart Start Updates

We’ve heard lots of feedback from parents and community members, particularly from those who came to the School Board meeting or submitted comments to the Board. Thank you for providing feedback as we work to develop the Smart Start plan over the summer. Your concerns and questions are being factored into the District’s planning. Please remember, this plan is in draft form only and will be further developed over the summer.

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions recently posted on the District’s COVID site:



We want to hear from you.

Please take just 3 minutes to complete our newest parent survey:

This will help us prioritize as we work to incorporate the most pressing needs of our students and families into the plan and create strategies to address each concern.


Extended Learning Opportunities Program Plan

The District is working with a variety of community organizations to create alternative site-based extended learning opportunities for the fall so that students and families can be provided curricular activities in a group setting that still abides by CDC guidelines. These opportunities would be held at alternative locations on days when students are not scheduled to be in the classroom. We are planning to staff these sites with district employees who can provide instructional support with asynchronous activities and distance learning, as well as lead skill-based enrichment activities. Additionally, through the ELO program, we would continue providing aspects of the District’s regular programming such as swim lessons, field trips, etc. We are actively working on pursuing locations that meet all health, safety, and learning needs. Stay tuned for updates as this plan comes together.


Summer Food Program

This week KGBSD was notified of an additional USDA approved waiver for Alaska’s summer food service programs that allows us to operate our current program through the summer! We will continue providing meals to all children ages 0-18 in the Ketchikan community at each of our four locations: Point Higgins, Houghtaling, Schoenbar, and Fawn Mountain.

Household deliveries can be provided for families with no transportation or with medically fragile family members. Contact Katie Parrott at for more information.

For students and children with food allergies or a meal modification needs, contact Head Cook Jim Lindahl at 907-228-7215 or email



Summer School Update

We are still accepting enrollments into the District’s expanded summer school. This is an opportunity for parents to try out distance learning and for students to get continue learning and instruction through the summer. Contact Nick Higson at or Marian Gonzalez at to sign up.