Software Help:
    Safari Montage
    If you are having difficulties playing videos from Safari Montage:
    1. Make sure all Apple updates have been performed.
    2. Update all Adobe products to the latest version. 
    3. Update all browsers to the latest version.
    4. Install the latest Safari Montage Video Player: http://www.safarimontage.com/support/smmpdownload.aspx
    5. Make sure that the browser you open has been set to operate in the same mode that your operating system supports, and is the same video player that you downloaded and installed.


    This is different than what has worked previously, before the only way the videos would play in the browser was in 32bit mode that is no longer the case. Make sure your browser DOES NOT have the check box run in 32bit mode checked, see the following to assist in checking this setting:
     Step #1
     Safari 1 screen   
     Step #2
    Safari 2 screen
    Step #3
    Safari 3 screen  
     Step #4
     Safari 4 screen