• Library Challenge for May 18 - 22 (Last Challenge)

    "Take a Shelfie Selfie"

    Here is how it works: 

    SIMPLE!  Take a picture of yourself in front of a shelf of books.

    OR Take a picture of yourself with a favorite book.

    OR Take a picture of yourself reading somewhere unique... The beach.  In a hammock.  In a garden.





    Library Challenge for May 11 - 16

    "Graphic Novel Challenge"

    Here is how it works:  Think of a favorite graphic novel or comic book.

    Follow the lettering tutorial from Jarrett Lerner to write the title of the book, and author.

    Take a picture and send it to Mrs. B-E

    Check out Jarrett Lerners awesome website for more ideas!!


    Library Challenge for May 4 - 8th

    "Six Word Book Summaries"

    Here is how it works:  Think of a favorite book.  Tell what the book is about in exactly six words!

    If you want, you can illustrate your book and include the Six Word Summary.

    OR you can just send me the six word summary, and I will make a poster with everyone's summaries.

    I will work on the poster on Monday, May 13th, but there is no deadline.  I can update it with new summaries.

    NO LIMIT.  Submit as many as you would like!!     Send your summary(s) to Mrs. B-E


    Library Challenge for April 27 - May 2nd

    "Blackout Poetry"

    How to make a "black out" poem.

    1) Find old reading material to repurpose or print off something fun.  Magazines are great also. (Just a note, I used a travel magazine for mine and it had great descriptive words!!)

    2) With pencil, lightly circle interesting, vibrant words.  Hint: do not circle more than three words at once though, and spread them a few sentences apart.

    3) Once you are happy with the words, circle them darkly - and make the circle really big, it is easy to "cut off" letters.

    4) Bling it up!  Add some art!




    Library Challenge For April 20 – 24th.

     "Spine Poetry"

    How to “Write” a spine poem…

    1) Select 3 – 5 books.     

    2) Stack them up so that the titles are all facing out.  These will be the “lines” of your poem.   

    3) Shuffle them around until you are happy with your poem.  (Remember – Poetry can have incomplete sentences!!)

    Don’t have enough books?  Draw them instead.  Then you get to pick the titles you want!

    Take a picture and send them to Mrs. B at




    The Week Of: April 13 - 17th


    What to do:

    1. Replace your face with a book’s cover, then snap a picture. (If you don't have a book with a face on the cover?  Draw one instead.)
    2. Email your BOOKFACE picture to by the end of the day, Friday, April 17th. Include your name, your teacher and contact info with your picture.
    3. Look for a slideshow of all the “Bookfaces” on Monday, April 20th on the Fawn Mountain Webpage and Fawn Mountain Facebook page.

    Tips and Tricks:

    1. If the face on the cover is the same size as your face, hold the book close; if the face is smaller, hold the book farther away.
    2. Get your family involved – have them take the picture.