Computer Back Up Help:
    How To Back Up Your Computer Files To The AlphaPrime Server, Longer Version:
    • Click anywhere on your desktop, at the top of the page the tool bar will now say "Finder" next to the apple.
    • Click on "Go"
    • In the drop down window, select "Connect to Server"
    Go To AlphaPrime
    Select Group  
     Go to your file
    • Once you have opened your AlphaPrime file, click and drag the files you want to save to this file.
    • Please remember that your photos and email groups do not automatically save, you will have to export any email groups and save (click here for directions).  Pictures in Iphoto will have to be backed up (click here for directions).  Shortcuts and bookmarks should also be saved and moved to the file.
    • Once your computer is updated or imaged you follow the above steps and drag files from AlphaPrime to your desk top.

    AlphaPrime DOES NOT back up automatically. 
    If you are using this server, it is a good idea to make a habit of saving all new files weekly if you cannot find time to do it daily.