Military Family Resources and Contacts
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The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District is dedicated to providing support and resources to our military students, families, and organizations. The district understands the difficult transition students and their families face when coming to Ketchikan and would like to work together as a team to make that transition as seamless as possible. We understand that this transition is one of the most difficult times in a military family’s life and would like to assist during this chaotic time. Please feel free to reach out to the contact teams in each building or utilize the resources provided on this page to assist you with any questions you may have.

Contact Information

USCG Co-Ombudsman Contacts:

Yaitza Resto (707) 809-5185

Megan Fullerton (530) 206-8461

Alie Olson (843) 826-8599

Contact teams: (Liaisons)

District Point of Contact:
Dan Olson (907) 247-1500

Ketchikan High School
Rick Dormer (Principal) (907) 225-9815

Natasha O’Brien (Counselor) Natasha.O' (907) 225-9815

Schoenbar Middle School
Sheri Boehlert (Principal) (907) 228-7200

Gerri Davis (Counselor) (907) 228-7200

Fawn Mountain Elementary School
Nick Higson (Principal) (907) 228-2200

David Garcia (Counselor) (907) 228-2200

Houghtaling Elementary School
Michael Cron (907) 225-4128

Martha Bullock (Counselor) (907) 225-4128

Ketchikan Charter School
Kayla Livingston (Principal) (907) 225-8568

Shane Scamahorn (Assistant Principal) (907) 225-8568

Point Higgins Elementary School
Dan Olson (Assistant Principal) (907) 247-1500

Tongass School of Arts and Sciences (TSAS)
Scott Huff (Principal) (907) 225-5720

Cathy Rocke (Counselor) (907) 225-5720