Setting Up PTP

Add a Class Description

Don't forget to add a course description. Parents and students who use the PowerSchool portals will be able to view your course description. The course description box is a perfect place to put your syllabus, grading policies, and overall course description.

Set Your Preferred Class Name

If you are an elementary music or PE teacher, this is a MUST. When your courses are built, the school office names your course, however, you can customize your class name to read anything you would like, for example, "3rd Mrs. Smith's PE" instead of every class on your list just named "PE".

Set Up Your Categories

The assignments you give your students fall into broad categories, such as homework, test quizzes, and group work. You use categories groups to keep a similar type of course work together and keep your grade book organized.

Weigh Your Categories

To have the grade book automatically follow your grading policy, you can use category weighting to calculate a student's grade. For example, your grading policy maybe... participation 10%, homework 10%, class projects 50%, test 20%, and the final exam 10%. When your put an assignment in a category, the grade book will automatically calculate the grade based on your grading policy.

Start Putting in Assignments

It is now time to use your grade book for its intended purpose, assignments. Your may copy assignments from the previous year or other classes. You can load a full term of assignments, or add them as your course progresses.

For support contact: Chad Jacks