Before admission to school, the parent must
  1. Provide an immunization record from a physician, health department, or other health care provider showing dates (month, day, year) of required immunizations


  2. Obtain required immunizations. If there are medical or religious reasons a child cannot be vaccinated, there is a Medical Exemption Form for medical exemptions and a Religious Exemption Form that must be notarized.

Students with no shot records or waiting for shot records
  1. To be admitted, a child must receive one dose each of DTP/DT/Td, Polio, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and MMR vaccine; K-6 must also have a dose of varicella. Pre-school children must have Hib vaccine and varicella vaccine or have a history of varicella disease documented on the state form by a medical provider (MD/DO/ANP/PA).

  2. A signed physician's statement (on the State Medical Exemption form) is required if there are medical reasons a child cannot be vaccinated. Only a physician (MD/DO), physician’s assistant or advanced nurse practitioner licensed in Alaska is authorized to exempt children from immunizations.

  3. To remain in school a medically verified record must be provided showing the dates of all required immunizations, or the remaining immunizations must be given.

  4. Military or students in the Homeless program, please discuss your shot records with Health Services. Federal law makes a 30 day provision for qualifying circumstances. Military Waiver | Homeless Waiver Form

  5. Children not complying with immunization requirements must be excluded from school.

Shot records

Once your child's shot record has been updated, be sure the school gets a copy for your student's file.