• Purpose of a Counseling Needs Assessment:
    The purpose of assessment is to have a better understanding of a students needs and to establish goals in counseling to meet those needs. By evaluating counseling needs through interviews, informal assessment, formal assessment and surveys, the school professional school counselor can gain a better understanding of the student's development concerns. This understanding can be used to set goals, design and implement interventions, and evaluate the counseling process. 
    Guidance Lessons based on Needs Assessment Results:
    Small group counseling will be focusing on the same topics in both 7th and 8th grade per the results of the assessment.
    Lesson 1: Helping Myself
    This lesson will demonstrate how easy it easy to miscommunicate information to others, as well as helping students to keep themselves out of rumor circles. We will also explore how gossip and rumors can have negative effects on individuals if spread.
    Lesson 2: Improving communication skills
    This lesson will focus on non-verbal communication and the different types. It will also explain the importance of clear communication and listening skills. In addition, feelings of peer pressure and decision-making skills will also be addressed.
    Lesson 3: Getting along better with students not in my friend group
    This lesson will focus on teamwork where students will join others that are not in their normal friend groups. Students will be given a goal with four to five steps to complete the task using assigned roles and various communication skills and team work.