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Vision | MIssion | Goals

  • Vision:  What does success look like?

    Educating and empowering students to be leaders, critical thinkers, and problem solvers.


    Mission:  What is our purpose and how are we getting to our mission?

    Together we foster an educational culture of academic excellence, meaningful connections, and nurturing environments to maximize every student’s unique potential.


    Beliefs:  What do we believe to be true?

    • Students excel when families are involved when cultures are celebrated and when the community is engaged.
    • Every student deserves a supportive learning environment.
    • All students have unique strengths and abilities.
    • All district decisions are based on what is best for students.
    • Every student should have opportunities to succeed.
    • All students deserve a choice in their educational path, program, and journey. 
    • All students deserve to feel safe and have a sense of belonging.
    • It takes a community to educate a child.
    • People are our greatest resource and demand our greatest efforts ~ leadership matters.


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