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  • Episode 8: Summer Send-off!

    by Ms. Jillian Length: 10 mins

    Join Ms. Jillian for Episode 8 where she gives us a sweet "see ya later" summer send-off! Thank you to everyone who has given their time, energy, and support to these episodes. She is so grateful for our arts-minded community and can't wait to join us once again in the fall! #musicmatters #supportthearts #houghtalingpride #musicwithmsjillian

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  • Episode 7: The Houghtaling Dolphin Song!

    by Length:

    My new FAVORITE episode! Join me as I welcome special Ketchikan rockstars and legends Mary Daubersmith, Miss Nelson, Mrs. Hamilton, Stasha Southmayd & Cullen Mccormick, as well as our very own 2nd grade Dolphin Max birch and his dad Trent as we explore the story of the Houghtlaing Dolphin Song!

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  • Episode 6: John Cage & Cup Song Challenge

    by Ms. Jillian Length: 30 mins

    Hiiiiiiiii again! Join me as we explore the question, "what is music"? I do a spotlight on composer John Cage, and then we learn the cup song, followed by a cup song challenge! Dont forget to send video, picture, and musical (or not) messages and love my way at my email jillian.pollock@k21schools.org!

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  • Episode 5: Teachers Get up 2.0, Benny Benson & Alaska Flag Song

    by Ms. Jillian Length: 17 mins

    This week I've included some of your suggestions in "When Teachers Get Up in the Morning 2.0", and then I tell my favorite Ms. Jillian's wacky music history story of ALL TIME. Every year I look forward to sharing the beautiful story of a boy named Benny Benson, and how we got our Alaska Flag. At the end of this video I lead us all in the Alaska Flag Song with sign-language, enjoy!

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  • Episode 4: Intro to Ukulele!

    by Ms. Jillian Length: 25 mins

    All of the basics for beginning to learn how to play the ukulele! For varying ability levels, here is a video breakdown...

    1:57 - History of the ukulele

    4:49 - Anatomy/Parts

    5:32 - Tuning

    13:39 - Playing position/ How to hold it

    16:46 - How to read a chord chart/ Playing "C"/ Practice techniques 

    20:49 - Playing "F"

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  • Episode 3: "When Teachers Get Up in the Morning" & "In the Land of Loudnsoft"

    by Ms Jillian Length: 13 mins

    13 minute video featuring the song "When Teachers Get Up in the Morning" & Intro to the game "Hide the Monkey, aka "Hot & Cold" aka "In the Land of Loudnsoft"

    Materials Needed: any object 

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  • Episode 2: Free Draw

    by Ms. Jillian Length: 15 mins

    A semi-guided free-draw activity. 

    Materials: 1.) Writing utensil (pen, pencil, markers, paints, etc.)

                   2.) Something to write on (Paper, cardboard, napkin)

                   3.) 6 song playlist (may be more or less)


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  • Episode 1: I miss you & music is POWERFUL!

    by Ms. Jillian Length: 05:14

    Welcome to the first of several online videos!

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  • Our new classroom!

    Hello Houghtaling Dolphin Students, Families & Friends!

    Heyyyyyy dolphins how do ya FEEL! I miss you all, and as I said in my first video, keep the music going and I can't wait to hear/see what you are creating and listening to! Videos may be found in the tabs on the left by content, or under "videos". Thanks for watching!

    Rock on,

    Ms. Jillian