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     Planning on going to college?

    You need Spanish. White-collar job markets are more competitive than ever.

    Being bilingual gives you an edge.


    Planning on getting a solid blue-collar job?

    You need Spanish. Blue-collar companies are hurting for translators and bilingual workers. 


    Planning on traveling or working in tourism?

    Spanish is one of the top 3 most spoken languages on earth, and also one of the most wide-spread. 


    Planning on moving down south?

    Spanish is growing faster than English in the U.S., and the U.S. is set to pass Mexico

    as the #1 Spanish-speaking country within your lifetime. 


    Planning on starting a colony on Mars?

    Yeah, you probably don't need Spanish. Physics is a safer bet. 


    No plan at all? 

    Maybe wait to take Spanish next year (really).

    This class is no walk in the park, so students need to be self-motivated to succeed.