• What is the Alaska Digital Academy?

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    The Alaska Digital Academy provides an online enrollment portal to high quality interactive courses for middle and high school students.  These courses are taught by highly qualified teachers who are proficient in distance technology and who understand alternative forms of education.  Students will have access to teachers throughout the school day, after school hours, and when school is not in session. Students will regularly demonstrate mastery through performance-based assessments, assessments during the unit or course, and end-of-unit or -course assessments. Educators will use student assessment results to support interventions that increase student success.


    Mission Statement
    The Alaska Digital Academy will provide Alaskan students better access to quality teachers and digital courses to meet each student’s individual educational needs.

    Core Values

    Student Centered

    Our foundational goal is to help students to be successful, period.  The Alaska Digital Academy is guided by Alaskan student’s educational needs and desires.  The first question asked when making decisions regarding  Academy infrastructure and operations is “Is it good for students?”

    Access to Quality Courses 

    The Alaska Digital Academy provides access to middle and high school education, creating opportunities for student who have a variety of educational needs including:

    • credits towards high school graduation
    • credits towards the Alaska Performance Scholarship
    • credit recovery
    • grade improvement
    • expanded opportunities in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
    Access to Quality Teachers

    The Alaska Digital Academy provides access to content area highly qualified teachers who are proficient in the technologies used in distance and digital teaching.  Communication, support and access to teachers is provided by means of creative scheduling and flexible teacher agreements.


    The Alaska Digital Academy provides Alaskan students with the opportunity to obtain high quality courses at a distance by using a variety of technology tools to deliver and augment student learning.  Course content delivered through the internet teaches and builds the 21st century learning skills needed in today’s fast-paced global society.


    Because the Alaska Digital Academy was built by K-12 educators with an understanding of the challenges Alaskan school districts face, courses are implemented in an affordable, cost effective and scalable distance education model that utilized flexible 21st century technologies for enrollment, content delivery, communication, data collection and reporting.


    Courses utilize a system of assessment where students continually demonstrate mastery through performance-based assessments, formative assessments and summative assessments.  Constant reporting and data management support intervention practices to increase success rates for all students.

    Professional Development

    On-going professional development is crucial when supporting students in blended and distance courses.  Through proven instruction models and tools, the Alaska Digital Academy will grow the capacity of digital teachers and support personnel.