• What is a Whale Watch Sighting?
    Whale Watch Sightings recognize students who go 'above and beyond' the positive behavior support expectations of I am Safe, I am Respectful, and I am a Learner. 
    Adults in the building recognize these students by completing a Whale Watch Sighting slip, detailing the good deeds of the child. 
    Students who have been 'sighted' have their name read every Friday and they come to the office to collect their prize.
    Whale Watch Sightings:
    Hudson B. was sighted cleaning up a tray for someone who did not take care of it themselves.
    Cash L. was spotted turning in a nice flashlight into the office so it's owner could get it back. Thanks!
    Ava G. was sighted holding the front doors for staff and students this morning. So thoughtful. Thanks!
    Henry W. was spotted being helpful to other students.
    Grace S. was sighted bringing in a coat she recognized as belonging to a classmate. 
    Jason D. was sighted walking around Mr. Hernandez to avoid interrupting while he was talking to Ms. Allen's class. Thanks for setting such a good example.
    Saharat S. was spotted helping pick up a Cheerio spill at breakfast. Thank you for being a good friend. 
    Ava E. was sighted being so encouraging. Thanks, we need that!
    Luke R. was spotted being respectful of school equipment and people by re-opening a door he knocked close during morning arrival. 
    Allison T. and Katelyn T. were spotted helping Mr. Hernandez during archery class. Thanks girls! 
    Hailey A. was spotted always being so cheerful and polite! Thanks Hailey!
    Tristin and Rylie were sighted being a great help in the lunchroom the whole month of August! Way to go girls! 
    Mackenzie was spotting having great school behaviors and excellent effort!
    Ellie V. was sighted cleaning her friend's trash.
    Stephanie S. was spotted being a great peer helper. Thanks! 
    Lilly B. and Ally T. were sighted going out of their way to help students that were having a hard time following directions. They are super friends! 
    Rily M.H. and Savannah Y. were spotted putting up posters in the hallway that were coming down. 
    Brooklyn B. was spotted helping a lost preschooler find the office.
    August P. and Kyler S. were sighted alerting a teacher when a hall display was coming down.  
    Mary W. was sighted wiping down the lunch room tables without being asked. 
    Bryce C., Cash L. and Tony S. were sighted letting a new little friend play with them during lunch recess. Thanks for including everyone! 
    Mathew H. was spotted helping pick up backpacks at morning recess.
    Piper C. was sighted giving her napkins to a friend in need at lunch. Way to go, Super-friend! 
    Braydan H. was sighted hanging up a poster that fell off the wall in the hallway. Thank you! 
    Tyler H. was sighted being kind and helping a new student! Thanks Tyler!