• coursecatalog Our COURSE CATALOG provides a description of each semester of the course as well as links to download a comprehensive syllabus and scope of the course.  We encourage you to browse our catalog and contact us should you have any questions.
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  • Counselor Enrollment Form (password required)
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    Request An Online Course (will require counselor/administration approval) 
    Taking an online course during the school year can be a great way to free up a time slot for a class that you might otherwise not be able to fit into your schedule.  The best way to assure success in your online course is to schedule it into your regular school day at Kayhi or Revilla.  Online courses not only free up your schedule, they give you the opportunity to finish your course at your own pace and possibly take additional credits.  Online courses are available 24/7 whenever you have an internet connection.  Contrary to what some students think, an online course is NOT easier than a regular course.  Taking an online course requires skills in time management, organization and self-discipline.  If you think an online course is right for you, talk with a Revilla Online teacher.  If you are ready to take the plunge into online learning, use the link to the left to request enrollment in a course for the Fall of 2014.

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  • There are three types of credit that can be earned through Revilla Online:
    Credit Recovery:
    CREDIT RECOVERY IS BEST TAKEN AT REVILLA HIGH SCHOOL DURING THE MONTH OF JUNE.  This will give the student the best chance of success.
    If attendance at Revilla is not an option, credit recovery can be arranged through our online program.   For credit recovery, a customized course is created in which the highest grade a student can obtain is a 70% (C-).  For credit recovery courses, daily attendance in our online labs at Kayhi are required unless prior approval is obtained.
    1. Teacher recommendation and input on curriculum assigned. (What standards need to be mastered?) or diagnostic assessment.
    2. Principal or designee recommendation.
    3. Revilla Online teacher consultation and course customization (based on input from either teacher input or diagnostic assessment).
    Credit Replacement:
     Students may request application of this policy for a course in which you are currently enrolled if you previously enrolled in the same course and received a grade of C or lower and you did not have an academic integrity infraction the first time you took the course.  The original grade remains on your permanent transcript, but does not count toward the calculation of your GPA.  Only the grade in the second attempt will be included in GPA calculation.
    Credit Advancement:
    Students may request application of this policy for a course in which they desire additional credits in a certain content area or need to take a course that doesn't fit into their regular school schedule.