Ketchikan High School Counseling Center

  •  Ketchikan High School
    The counseling staff is here to support the students of Ketchikan High School.  We work to provide a safe place for students to receive counseling for personal and academic problems.  We have two dedicated counselors who help students with transitions (from middle to high school and from high school to college or career), time management, study skills, learning technique, graduation requirements, college selection, and career exploration.    

    Kayhi counselors work with families to connect them to resources in the community.  Please reach out if you need assistance.  You may also find this community resource guide, created by the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition, to be useful:  Ketchikan 123 Resource Guide


     2020 College and Vocational Fair 

    Ketchikan and Alaska are not able to host in person Fairs this fall.  Instead, Ketchikan students will be participating in the virtual fairs offered in Alaska and through PNACAC and NACAC.

     If you have questions or would like to schedule a virtual visit, please contact Natasha O'Brien at Natasha.O'


     Information for other Alaska College and Career Fairs