Welcome to Ms. Doyle's 6th Grade
    Welcome to Room 110--"6th Grade Survivors"!  Looking forward to a year of getting smarter...because "smarter is something we GET!"  Our focus will be on thinking...whether we're thinking about our reading, math, ancient civilizations, friendships, health, choices, origins of man, geology, or the many other topics we will explore.  Thinking, being able to share our thinking in speaking or writing, as well as being able to support our thinking with evidence is how we will spend our time together.  As a student myself recently, I completed my Master's of Reading Specialist degree last summer.  My students are the application of my own learning.  We are in the "smarter is something we GET!" boat together!  As a mother of three boys, teacher, coach, sister, daughter, and friend, I appreciate all the ways we experience and learn in life.  Each of us has something to contribute to our learning environment that will be new learning for others.  I look forward to getting to know each student and family, working together to accomplish growing and learning as a team.  
    Becca Doyle