• 2      2nd Grade  
    “Learning is not a location,
    but about actions and relationships.”
    Dear Second Grade Families,
    We miss you and your students.   Feel free to email me whenever you have a question.   Stay well !
    Mr. Neufeldt
    Oh, and in other news ! Learn how to DRAW DOGMAN !!!
    Here is a document that leads you through the path of LINKS to our 2nd Grade In-Home Activities at the KGBSD website:      Web link
    Please check for UPDATES --> link to KGBSD updates
    _______One of the teachers shared this file with everyone.
    I think it's a really good idea for everyone to remember 
    that we need to take care of ourselves so we can help others!
    _______Please give this a read:
    Self-Regulation - please read
    Hello, my email address is:
    I encourage you to contact me there with any questions!
    Homework:   How-To --> 
    The current Spelling List can always be found on my
    useful links:   "__Spelling Words__"
    The list will be updated the date after each Spelling Test.  Please check here, if your child
    loses his/her paper copy of the list.
    -- Reading Log is usually required: Monday - Thursday, and is due on Friday.
    -- Spelling HW is usually required: Monday - Thursday, and is due on Friday also.
    Spelling Words