• Welcome to 3rd Grade!
    Name: Elizabeth Avila
    Email Address: elizabeth.avila@k21schools.org
    Phone Number: 907-225-8568School Bus

    Are you ready for a great year?
    In third grade at Ketchikan Charter School we provide a safe place for exploration, growth, and student-centered learning.  
    Throughout the year, students will develop as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists, historians, and community members.  One of our favorite 3rd grade projects is raising coho salmon in our classroom.  Students can also look forward to exciting units on:
    *The animal kingdom            *Ancient Rome              *World geography                                                                                                                                            
    *Light & sound                      *13 Colonies                  *Fractions                                       
    *Classic literature                  *Informative writing       *Geometry                                                   
    *Astronomy                           *Cursive                         *Native Americans
    *The Vikings                         *Narratives                     *AND MUCH MORE
    If you have any questions about our curriculum, classroom, or school, please contact me at your convenience.