• Welcome to First Grade!

    Teacher:            Ms. Maria
    Email Address:   maria.neufeldt@k21schools.org
    Phone Number:   228-4705 (classroom number available after 2:30 PM)School Bus


    Who Am I?

    My name is Maria Neufeldt, and this is my 14th year teaching first grade at Ketchikan Charter School.  My husband is joining the KCS team this year, and teaches 2nd grade.  Our son, Dan, graduated Ketchikan High School last spring.


    Teaching children is my passion!  I love watching first graders grow into becoming independent learners.  I never get bored teaching this grade level, because each group of students is different and we do different things throughout the year. 


    Thank you, for entrusting your child to me.  We are going to have a fantastic year!


    Classroom Celebrations
    It is very important that I know if your child has any food allergies! First graders love to bring in birthday treats.  I provide a snack every morning.  We have celebrations for holidays throughout the year.  We also do science and cooking projects every week. Please let me know immediately if your child is allergic to any food or drink.  I can adapt all of our classroom snacks, celebrations and cooking projects as needed, to meet the needs of kids with food allergies.
    Please note:  If your child simply doesn't LIKE something, they will not have to eat it.  I will encourage your child to try new foods, especially with our many cooking projects, but I do not force kids to eat anything.



    Scholastic offers great kids’ books, at very reasonable prices.  I will be sending a flyer home each month.  There is never any obligation to purchase anything.  If you do wish to order books, you may do so online, or you may send in a paper order with cash.  Do NOT send checks made out to Scholastic, as I order with a credit card online.


    How do you reach the teacher?

    I have set up Class Dojo, an online program that allows you to receive texts on what is happening in the classroom.  You will be getting an email and/or text invitation to link up to Class Dojo. 


    You may also email me at any time, if you have any questions or concerns.  My school email is Maria.Neufeldt@k21schools.org and I check it as I can throughout the day.


    Please do NOT call me during the day, as I will not be able to take phone calls when I am teaching.  In an emergency, please call the school at 225-8568, and speak with our fabulous office ladies.


    You are welcome to visit and help out in the classroom anytime.  Just be sure to check in with the office first, then come into the classroom.  If the classroom door is closed, we are probably doing something fun - so just come on in.Thanks!



    First grade has morning snacks, but we do not use a snack calendar. I provide the morning snack. 


    Science Fridays!

    Friday afternoons in first grade, from 12:00 – 1:30 PM, are dedicated to science.  We will be cooking, doing messy experiments, and making projects that relate to what we are learning. We collect all of our recipes and print a book at the end of each year.  I will request ingredients for each week’s project as needed.  Please contribute as you are able.


    Unofficial “Dress Code”

    We get messy in first grade.  Kids have outdoor recess each day.  We work with markers, and glue, and do gooey science projects.  While I do have aprons to protect clothing…kids will be getting dirty sometimes. 


    We have a 30 minute outside recess every day, from 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM.  Our playground is underneath our school, so we go outside regardless of weather.  Please let me know if you need help with items such as: winter coats, raincoat, snow pants, rain boots, or gloves. We get a lot of donations to our clothing closet each year, and I can help if needed so that your child stays warm and dry when we are playing outdoors.  If it is cold and your child has forgotten their coat, I will ask your child to wear a clean, used coat from our clothing closet.


    Also – please NO flip flops or backless sandals.  Those are not safe on our stairs.  Thanks!


    Supplies -

    All school supplies in first grade are shared.  The office has a copy of the supply list each year.  Please do not worry about special PE shoes, just send in some used sneakers if you can.  The most important items for first graders are:  unscented wipes, backpack that is large enough to hold a folder, and a water bottle.  We have no sink in first grade, so the water bottle and wipes are used every day.