• Welcome to First Grade!
    Teacher:            Miss Maria
    Email Address:   maria.neufeldt@k21schools.org
    Phone Number:   228-4705 (classroom number available after 2:30 PM)School Bus

    Welcome to first grade!  This is the year that your students will transition into becoming independent readers.  We spend our entire morning on literacy activities.  In the afternoon, we do math, history, science, art, music and library classes. 
    Our Core Knowledge Language Arts curriculum has 11 introductory science and history units!  Look for fun projects in all of our units, as we introduce these new topics to our young learners.  In addition, I have two afternoons a week set aside for special science or history projects.

    In later years, most of these topics will be re-visited.  Your child will remember the images, projects and very basic information that we learn in first grade, when they go into more depth in the older grades.