Blended Model The Revilla Blended Model is one in which content and instruction are delivered primarily by the Internet. Students move on an individually customized, fluid schedule among learning modalities, and the teacher-of-record is on-site.  The teacher-of-record or other educational support staff provide face-to-face support on a flexible and adaptive as-needed basis through activities such as small-group instruction, group projects, and individual tutoring.   Face-to-face certified teachers instruct for a minimum of 5 hours per week to provide scaffolding and enrichment to the online learning experiences.  
    An integral facet of the Revilla Blended Model is the constant monitoring of student data and progress while providing the "just in time" remediation or enrichment.
    A major advantage of the Revilla Blended Model is the flexibility it provides to student's schedules as well as their learning styles.  Students may schedule a variety of courses at any period of the day and work within a lab that is supervised by a highly qualified teacher-of-record.  This allows for credit recovery as well as credit advancement.