• New Employee Orientation  Mac
    Getting Started with KGBSD Technology

    Welcome to the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District
    The resources below will help you get started with using Technology at KGBSD. Read through each section carefully to familiarize yourself with our district resources. 
    Mac Network
    1. How Do I Log In To My Account?
    Your KGBSD username and password are used to log on to district-owned computers.  Logging on provides you with access to network resources such as your network drive "Alpha Prime". All of your account log ins through KGBSD, will be firstname.lastname.  Your password will be what you submitted on you Email and PowerSchool Access Form.
    2. I Cannot Remember My Password, How Do I Reset It?
    If you have forgotten your password, please put in a help ticket in at www.kgbsd.org/help to request a reset, or call us at 225-0744.
    3. I Need To Access A Blocked Website?
    Authenticate your log-in:
    • On the blocked website click on the "Override"
    • Login with your OWN credentials
     4. Personal Network Storage (Venus)
    When your account was set up by the Technology Department, the location for your file storage was made. We call the location where your data can be stored your Venus.
    To Back Up Your Computer Files To The Venus Server:
    • Click anywhere on your desktop, at the top of the page the tool bar will now say "Finder" next to the apple.
    • Click on "Go"
    • In the drop down window, select "Connect to Server"

    For full detailed instructions visit our help site by clicking here.


     Mac   Email
    1. Configuring your District Email Account
    KGBSD has moved to  Google K21 email. Your account is set up by filling out the Email and PowerSchool Access form. Instructions can be found at by clicking HERE. Personal, religious, political advertising, chain letters, business marketing e-mails, etc. are not acceptable with your work email.  After submitting your form, your account will be set up within 3 business days.  If you need help, please contact:
    Monday - Friday
     2. Webmail
    You can access your KGBSD Web Access e-mail account from any computer with an internet connection. To access go to our district website https://www.kgbsd.org visit > For Staff > K21 Google Email. You can also access your email by going to Gmail and typing in your full email address as your username firstname.lastname@k21schools.org. 
     For more help with email visit our Email Help Page by clicking here.
    For tutorials and "How To's" for using your new Gmail K21schools account click here.

    Mac    Telephone
    1. Telephone Voicemail & Operation 
    Our district uses IP phones.  You will want to set up your viocemail and settings to customize this phone for your room.  To learn more about your phones functions please review the manual below.
    Mac    Work Station Use & Security

    1. Technology Work Requests
    If you are experiencing trouble with your hardware or software please put in a help ticket at www.kgbsd.org/help, call (907) 247-0744 or find your building tech.  

    Please put in any technology request at www.kgbsd.org/HELP or email help@k21schools.org

    2. Work Station Security

    Do you walk away from your desk or your office without locking your computer? It only takes a few seconds for someone to do serious damage to your computer or your files or to access information on the computer. It takes only a few seconds to secure your computer. Take the time to lock your computer when you leave your desk. Not sure how to do it? Mac OS Computer Lock How To. On a PC before leaving your computer press Control + Alt + Delete.

    Note: When in PowerTeacher you can lock your gradebook by pressing Command + L or signing out. 

    Due to the number and complexity of the technologies in schools today, the issue of security has become a much more salient topic. As schools begin to network computers and peripherals to each other; neighbor classrooms, wide area networks and the Internet, the administration and teachers are increasingly aware of the need for security within their systems.  Please contact the Computer Services department at 225-0744 if you feel your computer access has been compromised.  If you feel PowerTeacher/ PowerSchool has been compromised contact Chasina at 247-2139.

     3. Backing up your Computer
    The IT Department is aware of how hard the district staff members work and the incredible amounts of information that are used, created, and saved on our staff machines.  In order to safe guard against loss it is best practice to back up your computer on a regular basis. 

    Mac   Frontline Time and Absence Managment
    Frontline offers both phone and Web services, so that you can create an absence anytime, anywhere.  Online absences can be created as far as one year in advance. As soon as you register an absence, Aesop starts finding a qualified, available substitute for you, if one is required. Frontline is also used for our electronic time clock.
    To learn more about this program click here for in-depth directions.