• SBA's 3rd Grade 2011/2012 IEA Preschool vs No Preschool
    SBA 2011 2012 IEA PK vs No PK  

    Evidence with data clearly shows that Native students who attended preschool performed better on Standards-Based Assessments when they reach third grade in all content areas; Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

    Consistent attendance should also start early even in preschool and continue throughout the educational experiences.  Students who learn to be on time and complete assignments as well as participate in activities offered through the school often do better academically. 

    The district offers assistance for students in many ways; general education studies, preschool through twelfth grade, special services for struggling students, tutorial programs before, during and after school, a wide range of activities and sports and counseling.

    The Board of Education mission is “to provide high quality instruction every student within a positive environment reflective of our community needs”.  Preschool is a beginning point for students to begin their path towards a successful education.


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