Ketchikan High School's comprehensive curriculum includes College Prep, College Classes: Medical Terminology & App. Child Psychology; Career & Tech Ed. (CTE): Welding, Automotive Tech., Building Construction, Computer Repair, Drafting, Photo, Culinary Arts, Video Production; Computer; Fine Arts: Band, Choir, Drawing, Sculpture. A range of Native & Special Ed. services exists.



    We offer Advanced Placement (AP) in English (Literature & Language/Composition in alternate years), Science (Biology & Chemistry), Social Studies (AP US alternates years w/ AP Economics (1 sem) & AP World History alternates w/ AP European History), Math (AP Calculus & AP Statistics). AP enrollment is mainly limited to juniors & seniors. We recommend no more than two AP courses per year; however, other academic challenges & opportunities exist. Partnerships with University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) & Alaska Pacific University (APU) allow co-registration & dual enrollment opportunities in such advanced and rigorous classes as: Medical Terminology, Applied Child Psych. & Child Careers. Besides AP, UAS offers Ketchikan High School students various college opportunities.