• Welcome to Mrs.Cope-Powell's 7th, 8th or Pre-Algebra class.
    Name: DeAnne Cope-Powell
    Email Address: DeAnne.Cope-Powell@k21schools.org
    Phone Number: 907-228-7220


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    As you may already be aware, this year we'll be using the enVision Math 2.0 curriculum, Common Core edition 2017 is the curriculum the KGBSD chose to use for our Math program.  Pearson is the publisher.  It was decided in Spring 2016.  Schoenbar has been implementing it starting Fall 2016.
    As this past 6 months have been full of change and adaptations to situations, how the class is organized and flows may change.  I will post how the changes will impact the class here later.  One change for certain is that we will be using Canvas, in some aspect, to deliver classwork.  IXL will also be an addition to the delivery as it is a more self paced practice.  The district purchased IXL, which contains practice for Science, English, History as well as for the Math.  It olso offers more than just grade level work, so your student can brush up on topics they want to improve in.
    To help you know what your 7th or 8th grade student is doing in/for class, you can sign up for a Canvas parent account.  Sign up Here
    To use the online book, your student will need to log onto their grade program and select "Pearson courses".  This can be done from any computer.  From there, they can either view an interactive book (using Programs) or a static book (using the book icon.)  If they are absent or just want to review the overall process for a section, they can view (Topic section) Example 1 and Try It.  Another video to watch will be the listed Math Nerd for each section.  Your student wanting more practice with immediate feedback?  Check out the (Topic section) Math XL, found also online.
    Your app store has a free app for Pearson products.  Check it out and access even more help as your student transitions into a more problem-based curriculum.
    I appreciate all the extra support you give your student as they transition from elementary to middle school and onto high school.  These two years are a period of great growth and change.  Sometimes it can be frustrating, others are incredibly joyful.  My message to you - Have hope. 
    If you have any questions, please email me (copy and paste my address into a new email) at DeAnne.Cope-Powell@k21schools.org.

    I look forward to seeing your student in class.