• Welcome to Mrs. Dolsky's 7th and 8th Grade Language! & Study Skills Classes
    Name: Danielle Dolsky
    Email Address: Danielle.Dolsky@k21schools.org
    Phone Number: (907) 228-7211School Bus
    Best times to contact me: Before 7:45 am, between 9:50-10:40am, or after 2:45 pm

    Hi to all of the SMS students who are in my Language! or Study Skills classes and their parents!!
         I am looking forward to an exciting new year! First, I would like to share some basic information about how students earn grades in my classes. 
     My classes revolve around the 4 P's:
    • Prompt
    • Prepared
    • Participating
    • Polite
         I record my students' grades on a weekly basis. My students receive up to a maximum of 50 points per week. If a student is absent, he/she automatically receives 8 out of 10 points per day for an excused absence. 

    I teach the Language! program as an RTI method for Language Arts remediation. Language! is based on proven literacy research and provides direct instruction in six areas: phonemic awareness and phonics; word recognition and spelling; vocabulary and morphology; grammar and usage; listening and reading comprehension; and speaking and writing. My students have a weekly reading log that is due each Friday. If they forget their reading logs at home, they will have until the following Monday to turn it in for FULL credit.  

         I have high expectations for all of my students. While I am firm and direct with my teaching style, I am nurturing and humorous as well.  I realize our adolescent middle school students can be rewarding and challenging, yet I praise them for their successes and redirect them with their mistakes (as I see these as "learning opportunities"). If you ever have a concern, please take your time to let me know. I am more than happy to respond.