• Welcome to 7th and 8th Grade English
    Robin Harford
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     Welcome to Schoenbar!

    Home of the Knights! 

    During the year, students will have the opportunity to build upon their basic writing and reading skills.  The students will compose letters, essays, short stories, poetry, and reports by using models for these formats presented in class.  The writing process is emphasized throughout the school year.

    In addition to developing writing and reading skills, students will also build speaking and listening skills through participation in class discussions, presentations, and speeches.  Higher level thinking skills such as analysis, evaluation, and critical thinking will be covered through an exploration of literature and creative writing projects. 


    Daily Oral Language (DOL) will be studied along with supplements from the text.  The DOL allows students to correct sentences for spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, word choice, sentence structure, and content.  All DOLs are completed in class. 


    Class assignments are divided into separate categories and grades are based on a point system.

    90 – 100    A

    80 – 89      B

    70 – 79      C

    60 – 69      D

     0 – 59       F

    I encourage students to use google docs, which should have a designated folder for English.  Assignments and project due dates can be found on my school web site.  Those who miss assignment deadlines will receive half credit the week following the due date, and only one point after that. 

    Extra Credit:

    I give extra credit to students who attend school and/or community events.  Students who find and show me spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, word choice, or sentence structure errors from a magazine, newspaper, novel, advertisement, or other printed material (not including the internet) will get extra credit.  This does not include factual errors, such as incorrect dates.  Signed and returned grade sheets will receive extra credit if turned in on time.

    Seventh and eighth grades are transition years and can be a bit challenging: a new school, lots of new kids, and different classes.  So, make sure your student gets rest and eats a good breakfast.  Have a place where your student can study.  Help them turn their work in on time.  The first couple of times kids turn in late work, half credit hits them hard, especially those students who are used to getting good grades.  However, I give them extra credit regularly, which can help their grade.

    Please feel free to contact me.  I enjoy hearing from parents.  Have a great school year!

    Robin Harford