• A typical day at Fawn Mountain... which is anything but typical!  Mr. Derek to the rescue!  :-)   
    Mr. Derek's
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     Counseling with Fawn Mountain Students 
       *Individual Counseling*
       *Small Group Counseling*
       *Weekly Classroom Guidance Lessons* 
     How Students Access Counseling at School 
    *Student Requests for Help*
    *Teacher Referrals*
    *Family Requests*
    *Community Agency Collaboration* 
     Other Services 
    *Consultation and Teaming with Families, Mental Health/Social Services, and School Staff*
    *Parent/Caregiver Support and Education*
    *Referral's to Community Agencies for Extra Student and Family Support* 
    *Extracurricular Activities* 
     *You name it and we'll see what we can do!"
    A Brief History of Mr. Derek
    Originally, I hail from Stillwater, Minnesota.  I graduated with my Master's degree from the University of Minnesota in Educational Psychology, and also hold Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Philosophy.  I worked for several years in a children's mental health facility before making the magical trek to Ketchikan.  I enjoy a great many outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, swimming and general adventuring.  I also enjoy practicing yoga, reading, writing, music, food (cooking and eating), motorcycling, snowboarding, new experiences, and interacting with people. 
    Working with children is one of my greatest passions in life.  It is truly my honor to be working at Fawn Mountain with such an experienced, compassionate, and cohesive school staff; in addition to an absolutely wonderful, spirited, and brilliant student body! 
    Remember to breathe