2940 Baranof Ave.
    Ketchikan, Alaska  99901

  • Office Hours:  8:00am to 4:00pm
    Office Phone:  907-225-4128
    Office Fax:      907-225-7925
    Contact Teacher:  firstname.lastname@k21schools.org
    Contact Houghtaling PTA Board:  htepta@gmail.com

    First Student Bus Company:  907-225-3806
  • Principal: Michael Cron

    Email: michael.cron@k21schools.org

    Dean of Students:  Meredith Lundamo
    Email:  meredith.lundamo@k21schools.org
  • Office Staff

    Administrative Assistants
    Shawna Harrison    
    Email: shawna.harrison@k21schools.org
    Tami Daniels          
    Email: tami.daniels@k21schools.org

    Health Clerk/Building Aide
    Building Aide
    Cindy Kloxin