• Hello and Sangáay ‘láa FME Parent's, Staff, and Students,

    My wife Tina and I are very greatful to have this opportunity to be part of the amazing Fawn Mountain school family.  I am excited to work with all FME stakeholders to create an educational environment that is warm and inviting, yet stimulating and challenging.

    Nick and Tina at the Hole in the Wall in Canada

    Goals for the 2020-21 school year are:

    1.  Build a strong school community 

    2.  Have clear and consistent communication

    3.  Establish and maintain a safe work and learning environment

    4.  Weave cultural experiences throughout the curriculum

    5.  Meet the academic and social emotional needs of our students

    A little bit about me:  My background includes many years as an elementary school teacher and school administrator, both in the lower 48 and up here in Southeast Alaska, the last 17 of which was on Prince of Wales Island.  I also served in the US Army where I was a helicopter crew chief and later platoon sergeant.  I got to see much of the world with duty assignments in Korea, Panama, and Iraq. 

    I grew up on on Vancouver Island where I developed a love of the outdoors.  I enjoy kayaking, fishing, hunting, and hiking with our golden retreiver, Winslow.