Welcome to Mrs. Whyte's Math Wonderland! 
    Name: Terri Whyte


    Hello parents and students!  I'm really glad that you found this site and I hope that you find it useful!
    Need to find lesson plans/blank notes/homework?  Visit planbook.com and change to students view and enter my email (terri.whyte@k21schools.org) and the student key as whyte.  I have the week of lesson plans uploaded and some of the handouts attached.
    Absent?  Please check out my Planbook for lessons/videos/notes and if you need to turn anything in please go to our classes Canvas page:  https://kgbsd.instructure.com/login/ldap
    We will also be using IXL to help fill in an missing math concepts to make you a stronger mathematician!  Please check it out at:
     Welcome to Kayhi and GO KINGS! 
    Kayhi King