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    For the most up to date information go to https://www.kgbsd.org/coronavirus 


    I am suggesting students work on programs daily. I have added suggested minimum times next the each web link. Here are some tips to help you support your child during this time:
    *Establish routines and expectations.
    *Balance screen time and non-screen time activities.
    *Know how Covid-19 is transmitted and take action to stay healthy.
    *Establish times for quiet and reflection.
    *Remain mindful of your child’s stress


    CODE.ORG click on your name click on the your picture  First image 1 hour weekly


    Kids A-Z  If you are working on a Ipad there is a free app you can download 

    teacher jblasingame0

    password click on rabbit

    Work on green planet for 20 minutes daily. Work on purple planet for 20 minutes daily Please remind students they need to do all 3 skills **listen-read-answer quiz** again score should be 100% before moving on to next book. In the writing section, students can write and illustrate their own stories.

    In addition to Headsprout/RazKids students should be reading a book of their choice 20 minutes daily. 

    Work on gold planet for 20 minutes daily. 


    Dream Box Math   dreambox92407




    IXL Math and Language Arts 

    20 minutes daily in each area * math * language arts * social studies * science. Please remind students they are to complete all kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade skills before moving on to higher grade levels. Student  should work in diagnostic area for 15 minutes weekly. Students should practice skill until they score 100 before moving on. 


    Inspire Science sign in, click on launch, click on assignment


    Typing Agent Learn how to type


    Envision portal


    Teach Your Monster to Read monster




    Beast Academy


    Kahn Academy


    Epic Reading class code pun1653