About  Mrs. Fullerton

    I was born and raised in the foothills of Northern California and explored the outdoors with my dad from an early age.  I have been called a nerd and geek due to my constant love of school and of learning.  I see myself as a continual learner.  The more I learn, the more questions I have and the more I want to find out.  

    I have loved science from a very early age.  I did my undergraduate work at a small liberal arts college, St. Mary’s College of California where I majored in Biology and minored in Italian Studies.  I like to say I used both sides of my brain during my undergraduate years. 

    From here I followed my now husband to Virginia and entered into a Master’s degree program for Microbiology and Molecular Biology at Old Dominion University.  My husband’s career, the Coast Guard, took us to San Diego and Seattle where I worked as a Microbiologist and a Molecular Biologist.  

    We next moved to the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia where I first entered into the teaching field.  Over the next 4 years, I taught life science classes at both a medical career college and a community college.  I confirmed something I had known for most of my life: I LOVE TEACHING. I now was looking into ways to expand upon this dream.

    Our next move found us, moving to Ketchikan in 2017.  I worked as an instructional and special education paraprofessional out at Fawn Mountain Elementary.  I thoroughly enjoyed the work I did there.  This work spurred me on further in my pursuit of a teaching career.

    In 2019, we moved to Kodiak.  Here I worked as a special education preschool paraprofessional for one year and did my student teaching at Kodiak Middle School the following year. 

    We moved back to Ketchikan this summer, for what will hopefully be our last move. I am really happy to be continuing on in teaching middle school science. 

    I find this age group asks a lot of in-depth questions and has the curiosity that drives science exploration.   I want to encourage that curiosity and help them become critical thinkers.  EVERY STUDENT IS CAPABLE OF ACCOMPLISHING THIS.  I believe in all of my students’ abilities to reach this potential and am willing to help them find the right path to get there.