• Revilla Online is a program that has its roots in the successful individualized instructional model of Revilla High School along with the innovative blended learning methods that are sweeping the country.  Blended courses have proven to be among the most popular choices for students at institutions where they are offered.  Those course are now available to students in the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District (KGBSD).  In addition to blending student's schedules by combining regular education classes with facilitated online instruction, our curriculum can also be available as a fully online course for those students outside the school buildings.
    The foundation of our program is curriculum by Education 2020.  e2020 is an engaging, online learning environment that is designed to capture student's attention.  The flexibility of the curriculum allows Revilla Online staff to taylor the course and its instruction to each individual student's situation.  For the 2012-2013 school year, Revilla Online will offer e2020 courses with certified teacher support during the school day to all district students.  Kayhi students will be able to schedule a Revilla Online course right into their daily schedule, report to the Revilla Online Learn Lab during their scheduled period and work on their course with teacher support during that time.  An additional bonus is that students can work on their course at anytime.  This allows students to work ahead and complete their courses on their own schedule rather than the structured, regular school schedule.  The benefits to students include flexible scheduling of their regular classes and increased opportunities for scholarships, to name a few.