• In 2009, The Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District (KGBSD) transitioned their traditional Ketchikan Correspondence Program into one (Fast Track) that met the growing demand for alternative and homeschool education students within the district.  In 2010 the program was expanded to serve any student throughout the State of Alaska.  Our major focus is to serve and support homeschooled students within our school district with access to the district's resources along with personalized service.

    There is no doubt that homeschooling is work.  By choosing to home school your child through our program, you will be able to collaborate on curriculum choice, select the hours for school, taylor instruction to meet your child's individual needs and make adjustments to you child's entire educational experiences to meet your family's lifestyle.
    By enrolling in our program as a fulltime student before the student count period (the month of October), you will benefit from a generous curriculum fund, an internet fund to support parent/school interaction, and access to many district resources that would not be otherwise accessible if enrolled in other home school support programs.
    To learn more, visit the Home School Support tab at the top of this page.