• KGBSD Distance Learning Options

    We are planning for students to return to school in Fall 2020. As always, our priority is the health and safety of students and staff. We believe in offering choices for our families. For those wishing not to send your students back to school options this fall, we offer the following 3 solutions:

    Important Note: All families will need to commit to whatever program they choose and stay the entire trimester at the elementary level and for a semester at the secondary level. Registrations must be completed by August 28th, 2020.


  • Will distance learning be the same as it was in the spring?

  • Is distance learning right for my student?

  • What if my student doesn't have a computer or internet access?

  • How will student receiving Special Education Services be supported in a distance program?

  • What will be expected of my student?

  • If my student would like to return to a physical classroom at the end of the term will they be able to return to their previous school?

  • Are AP courses available?

  • Fast Track Homeschool 

    Fast Track is a home school program that provides both digital curriculum options, assistance with the traditional book and paper options, as well as assistance for parent designed curriculum with highly qualified teacher support to all Fast Track families.  The key is individualization of educational services to students.


    Homeschool Benefits 

    • Parents are teachers with support from our local education home school specialists.
    • Stipend for Educational Materials, Activities, Curriculum, and Internet ($1700 for K-2, $1900 3-8 and $2100 9-12 per student with a $600 Stipend for Internet for the family per year) - For all enrollments BEFORE August 28th, 2020.
    • Online and Traditional Coursework for grades K-12, flexible options.
    • Laptop or IPad for each Student.


     Use our online student registration system to sign up TODAY!

    Questions Call (907) 247-2127

  • Alaska Digital Academy (grades 6-12) 

    The Alaska Digital Academy (AkDA) provides an online enrollment portal to a comprehensive list of high-quality interactive courses for middle and high school students. These courses are taught by highly qualified teachers who are proficient in distance technology and understand alternative forms of education.


    Distance Learning Benefits 

    • Students are supported by a KGBSD teacher, with regular communications and interactions.
    • Curriculum and course pacings are provided.
    • Free to Ketchikan Students.
    • Chromebook for each student.



    Our mission is to provide access to a diverse assortment of courses. The AkDA online program provides rigorous courses that are designed to meet the Alaska State Achievement Standards and are taught by highly qualified KGBSD teachers.

    For More Information

    Visit alaskadigitalacademy.org TODAY!

    Questions? Call (907) 225-2128

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  •  Virtual School (grades K-12) 

    The Ketchikan Virtual school allows K-12 students to participate on a platform with content designed and built to be taught virtually. This extensive catalog of high-quality curriculum allows Ketchikan teachers to offer customizable distance education to Ketchikan students.


    Distance Learning Benefits 

    • Students are supported by a KGBSD teacher, with regular communications and interactions.
    • High quality curriculum and techer support provided.
    • Free to all Ketchikan Students.
    • Chromebook for each student.


    Is this homeschool?

    No, this is schooling at home. Your child will receive instruction from a Ketchikan teacher. As a member of the child’s family,  your guidance, support, and communication with the teacher are needed. 


    Questions? Contact Alonso Escalante (907) 247-2137

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