• Hello KCS families!

    What a great start to a new year we have had! We thank you all so much for all you are doing to help keep our school safe so we can stay open! 

    We would like all of you to know that the school district is following all the state mandates for COVID-19 health and travel safety. Things that are new include:

    Illness - students are to stay home when they have one or more symtptoms of COVID- 19 which are : new onset severe headache, sore throat, loss of taste/smell, diarrhea/vomitting, cough, difficulty breathing, fever of 100.4 

    If they have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 (within 6ft for more than 10 mintues of someone who was diagnosed or has symptoms of COVID-19) they are to stay home until that person has received negative test results or they have quarantined and not shown symptoms for 14 days. 

    This is a screening guideline you can follow at home to ensure it is safe for your student to go to school. 

    At Home Screening Guide

    We recommend contacting a health provider when your student is showing signs of illness that could be COVID-19 or if they potentially been exposed and discuss safe reentry plan to school. 

    Here is a link for Pediatric Care here in Ketchikan 

    Pediatric Care in Ketchikan


    Travel - if studens or parents/household members of students travel out of state for more than 24 hours they must stay home until the second negative test result taken at 7 days after arrival in Alaska is received. The student may also stay at a different location and isolate from parents to be able to attend school while a parent or household member has to test/quarantine. Please expect an extra 7-14 days out of school after travel out of state. 

    At this time there is no mandated quarantine for instate travel or travel out of state that is under 24 hours. 

    Here is the COVID-19 State Health Mandate regarding travel

    COVID-19 Health Mandate 

    Here is a link to testing locations for COVID-19 

    COVID-19 Testing Locations

    We are also practicing social distancing and mask wearing in the schools. Our guidelines regarding these topics are as follows: 

    Social Distancing means 6ft from others at all times. Wearing a mask when this cannot be maintained. Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing. Cleaning high touch surfaces frequently, and not sharing school materials between students.

    Students will wear masks/face coverings when entering and exiting the building, when going to and from the bathrooms and other areas in the school, and when moving around their classrooms. 

    Please make sure you select a mask that fits around their nose and mouth and fits snuggle against the side of their face. No vented masks allowed. Shields are allowed however they must wear a mask as well when they cannot maintain a 6ft distance from others. 

    They may take breaks from their masks when, eating/drinking, at their desks and at least 6ft away from others, during recess, and during P.E. 

    Teachers will also be following socially distancing which means remaining 6ft away from others whenever possible. Wearing a mask at all times when interacting with studens. Frequent hand sanitizing, and hand washing. And they will also be cleaning high touch surfaces frequently. 

    Here are some links with more information on our procedures. 

    Masking Guidance

    Please contact the school to discuss a plan to follow this state mandate and keep your students safe! You may also contact the Ketchikan Public Health Department at 907-225-4350 with any questions regarding COVID-19. 

    Thank you! 

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