• Hello VIP Fast Track Families,

    (That’s ALL of you of course!) 

    Just a few important reminders this week, and some Too Too  TERRIFIC ideas for the weeks ahead!

    Have you heard about the wonderful number pattern date coming up?  Get creative for ….2-22-22 on a Tuesday…in other words, TWO - TWOTWO - TWOTWO TUESDAY! Which sounds a lot like TuTu Tuesday….oh the possibilities!!!  Fast Track is creating awards for the top six ( 2 +2+2)  something for this rare day. If you do something creative and fun on 2 2 Tuesday, please send your pictures to Ms. Shelann. Awards will be announced on March Two of course! Please let us know if you give us permission to publish your photos on the school web site. 

    A Wearable Art Show just for Kids!  Details for planning  for this March 26 event are now available from Ketchikan Area Arts Council. In addition to this information, please also note that there is a Short Wearable Art Show Exhibit RIGHT NOW at the Main St. Gallery. Field trips are encouraged! ( *Deadline to apply for Kids Wearable Art Show participation is March 18. See below.) 


    The Main Street Gallery “Wearable Art: Up Close and Personal” Exhibit is open to visitors M- F 9:00 am to 5:00 pm thru Friday, February 25th except for Monday the 21st. This is a short fast exhibit!  We would love to have children visit the Main Street Gallery!!! A field trip for youth from your school to see the amazing Adult Wearable Art Pieces up close and personal can be easily accommodated! Please call Jeff at 225-2211 to make an appointment. We would LOVE to have you.     Please spread the word.

    Applications for the Class groups and the Individual youth artists are now available on the KetchikanArts.org website we have extended the deadline to March 18th . We have not put a limit on how many groups a school can enter, however we have limited models and artists to two pieces, for the sake of production timing. We hope this encourages kids to submit within a group and individually if they have an idea that doesn’t fit the theme of the group. Although we have had youth and school groups participate in the past this is the first Annual Youth Wearable Event. We are encouraging ALL aspects of youth involvement from the Committee to set design. If you as teachers have constructive feedback or suggestion we would be very open to your suggestions and have room for volunteers!


    Oh those Pesky, yet Adorable Trimester Reports!  The time is NIGH. Please, please pop those in right now. The sooner our staff receives reports the easier it is for us to give timely feedback.

    And VERY IMPORTANT…try NOT to submit your samples and photos in the HEIC format. ( no Heic) ! If you are already down that road, it’s okay, we can open them, but it takes a number of extra steps and we need every minute we can get. Please try to upload your samples in some other format, and remember that we LOVE your parent observations too. Parent comments give us rich insight. Thank you. Final deadline is March 2, but RIGHT now would be Great! If you need help, call Shelann at  907 247 2127 to set up an appointment with a teacher. 

    Shout Out Corner!  Cheers to Emmett and Christopher Bremer for their excellent and brave participation in the State Battle of the Books. They earned 13th place out of the entire state!  Way to go power readers! You really displayed nice teamwork as well. 


    That's it for this week. Every passing day is important with your children.  We have a plaque in our office displaying a quote from a child.   

        " Three Things People Should Do Everyday is Tell Their Kids They Love Them. 

    ...Three Times. "

    Try to pause and laugh in the moments. Consider getting involved in the first ever Kids' Wearable Art Show. Be well!


    Ms. Lori, Ms. Carena, Ms. Shelann, Ms. Sarah and Ms. Shalena