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    Very excited this year to be teaching at Fawn Mountain and Point Higgins again.  This year is a little different as I will be at Fawn Mountain from September-January 22nd and then Point Higgins January 25th- end of the school year.  

    The Covid music classroom will have a few changes.  I am able to have 6 feet between students in the classroom so that mask wearing will be up to the parent/child.  If you are concerned with your student not wearing one when you would like him to be let me know and I can make sure he does.  Our ventilation/air exchange systems cycle the air at a much higher rate than the CDC recommends.  With the current recommendations it appears to me that we will be ok to sing in the music classroom.  I will probably still limit how many of us are singing at the same time and make sure to have time in between intervals of singing for the room to clear out.    

    3rd grade will be starting recorders in October and November this year. We will not be playing recorders in the classroom.  Recorders will be sent home to those who do not have one.  All recorder testing will be via video at home.  The reason for the change is the same reason we are not doing band this year.  There was an extensive study of aerosols at CSU and they found that bagging the instruments did mitigate some of the issues, but not 100%.  It is just not practical to have beginning students wear a mask with a slit cut into it, and a bag around the recorder with cuts in it for their hands to enter and pads on the floor to collect spit that collects in the instrument. It is hard to play like that when you have played the instrument and you know where the fingers go.  We will still go over fingerings in class for recorders and students will have a Recorder Karate Book to take home. 

    4th grade and 5th grade will be continuing their Karate belt testing if they wish to.  Recorders do come up in the 4th and 5th grade quaver curriculum but not that often.

    6th grade no band.  Boooooo.  We will be learning Handbell Choir. YAY!!!!!!!!


    Please go to the link below for a more detailed website with classroom pages.  


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