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    The Once Upon A Murder dinner was a rousing success!!!  We sold out!  We will do the event again, perhaps in Early/Mid October 2019.  If you:  

    a) enjoyed the dinner

    b) wished you could have gone to the dinner, but weren't able to

    c) like D&D

    d) want to support the kids further.....

    Please come to our production of:  She Kills Monsters, which will show Feb 8 & 9th, at the KHS Auditorium.   (Bring friends!)

    We will be selling shirts and tote bags with our awesome designs.  

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    Remember:  Any one of these could be a clue!


    To Purchase Tickets, please call Carena at 247-2127, thank you!


    call for tickets

     Come find us!

    Royal Ball on Nov. 16th at the Royal Palace

     TheatreClub@K21schools.org to buy tickets

    More information coming soon!