• Greetings!

     In Kodiak Snow machine in Kotzebue

    My name is Brandon Apol. This is my first year teaching at Fawn Mountain and Point Higgins elementaries and I am looking forward to educating young minds about the incredible world of music. My father was in the Air Force, so I grew up all over the world, but had never made it to Alaska until I taught in Kotzebue last year. I'd never been to Ketchikan before I started working here, but I can already tell I'm going to love it. 


    I went to school and received my Bachelor's of Music Education at Cedarville University near Dayton, Ohio. I play a variety of instruments but my foci were on guitar and percussion. I love all kinds of music (no, really, ALL kinds) and have a real passion for performance, particularly original songwriting and improvisation, as well as encouraging others to create. I've performed, recorded, written, and toured with orchestras, rock bands, religious groups, jazz ensembles, experimental teams, and more. I love music.


    I love getting to show kids kinds of music they've never heard before and teaching them about how to understand their world through music, as well as giving them an opportunity to explore the kinds of music they want to learn about. I like to challenge my students to think critically about the things music pertains to - culture, human interaction, emotional maturity, and more - and grow in their understanding about who they are and how the world works through artistic expression.


    I'm excited to teach here in Ketchikan and look forward to meeting my students!



    Brandon Apol