• Dear Families,

    Welcome to a new school year!  I am excited to partner with you as we celebrate your child’s growth throughout the year.  Following is important information to orient you to a new school year (and a new teacher J).  I will continue to share information with you at the beginning of each week in a class newsletter. 


    Second grade is an exciting time to watch students become powerful and independent appliers of skills and strategies to explore and understand the world. I believe in the power of project-based and integrated learning, which means we will work on our reading, writing, and math skills through the lenses of science and social studies. This year, we will explore states and properties of matter; forces and motion; the economy, history, and cultures of Ketchikan; maps, atlases, and globes; democracy and the presidency; life cycles of plants, animals, and insects; and Civil Rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr. and Elizabeth Peratrovich.


    Daily Schedule

    The school day begins at 8:45 and ends at 3:15. If your child will be late or needs to be picked up early, please call the front office at 247-1500 and let us know.  Please know that our classroom has an open door and you are invited to visit any time.   



    Based on students’ developmental level at this age, I do not assign regular homework assignments. If you (or your child) are interested in extra practice, please contact me and I will offer specific recommendations and activities related to our curriculum and your child’s needs. Your student may be asked to gather information or complete work related to a project from time to time throughout the year.

    Although there is no requirement for homework in our classroom, I genuinely hope that all of my students find love for and joy in reading, and that reading time becomes a regular activity that family members choose to invest in. I recommend reading together for at least 20 minutes each night.

    Our math curriculum is completely available online, so you can follow along as we work throughout the year. You can log in to your child’s account on the PowerSchool website (https://school.kgbsd.org/public/), using your child’s student ID number and the password phe. There, you will find a number of opportunities for extra practice through worksheets and games.


    Contact Information

    I can be reached in many ways, including through the front office at 247-1500.  My classroom phone (228-0614) is silenced during our school day, so please call the office if you need to speak with me during the day. Email or Class Dojo is the easiest form of communication for me when I am teaching, so feel free to reach out at Katie.sivertsen@k21schools.org.


    I look forward to partnering with you this year and building relationships with your child, your family, and our school community! 



    Miss Katie