• Welcome to another school year! I am excited to share my love of activity and sport with each student at Point Higgins this year, as well as enhance our school climate and culture. In this time of heightened safety and cleanliness, I will work with students and staff to ensure we're all active, healthy, and safe in PE. 

    My goal is for each student to develop love and appreciation for physical activity, and therefore foster a lifelong love of movement and activity for health and enjoyment. I want students to find activities and movements that makes their bodies and brain feel good, build self-confidence, and foster cooperation and develop communication and problem solving skills. We will accomplish these goals through play, movement and skill practice, and learning both individual and team sports.

    PE at Point Higgins will:

    • Focus on fitness.
    • Teach skills that lead to enjoyment of lifelong physical activity.
    • Enhance all aspects of individual development, including health, academic performance, physical fitness, movement knowledge, goal setting, self-esteem, and social skills.
    • Embrace our unique culture and school community.

    We will all be:

    • Safe
      • Wear a mask when social distancing is not possible & students are not participating in intense physical activity
      • Wear appropriate footwear
      • Follow directions
      • Body & equipment under control
    • Respectful
      • Take care of yourself, others, and our space
      • Active listening
    • Learners
      • Personal best effort
      • Participate & have fun

    Grading will be super simple. Each student will receive three points per class: one for appropriate footwear, one for participation, and one for the PE standard addressed. I will update grades regularly in PowerSchool, as well as provide comments if needed.

    Communication is always appreciated! I will use PowerSchool comments to explain any grading. If you have questions for me, my  email address is Katie.sivertsen@k21schools.org, and this is the best way to reach me quickly. I can also be reached at 228-0620 (desk) or 247-1500 (office). Trust that I will not hesitate to contact you if I have questions or feel we need a conversation about your child.

    I view classroom management and interpersonal conflicts as a teaching/learning opportunity, and approach any difficulties with following directions or meeting the above expectations as a chance to reteach procedures and routines and support students in learning how to safely and successfully navigate the PE classroom.

    To help kids meet my high expectations and maintain safety, we will use the following management plan:

    1. Verbal reminder of specific expectations and directions.
    2. Private conversation, asking student to help me develop a solution to the problem or directly teaching the expected behavior.
    3. Brief removal from activity, followed up with another teaching/learning conversation.
    4. Buddy room, or visit to another teacher’s classroom to complete a written/drawn plan for successful participation in PE. If this occurs, expect me to let you know!

    I know that we will have a magical, fun, and exciting year in PE! Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.